Monday, September 17, 2007


I have been hearing a few things about a site called BellaOnline recently, and everything I've heard has been favorable. They claim to be the second largest site for women on the internet, and the number of topics and readers is quite impressive. Yesterday I saw that someone who frequents a writers' board that I visit had been accepted to be an editor there. I decided to check it out and found that there were several interesting topics available- including classic rock. Now, I freely admit being a nerd, but I adore classic rock. I love doo wop, hippie music, the weirdness that was the 70's and the New Wave and punk of the 80's. I flipped at the thought of being able to write about those topics, and applied for the editor position.

This morning I was accepted and I have my own BellaOnline site! It is located at: As of right now, there is nothing on it but my name and the name of the topic. But, I hope to get it going into something that turns readers on to music they might have otherwise overlooked.

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