Friday, December 21, 2007


I've noticed that every time I mention the word ELANCE in a post, an employee from Elance takes a look at my blog. Yes- every time. That means they have at least one person, likely full time, searching blogs to see what people are saying about Elance. You know what we're saying? We're saying Elance. That's right- Elance. And if you guys can afford one or more blog trollers, why was it that you had to triple our fees again?

I'll post back with how many minutes it took before an ELANCE employee sprinted in here to see what was being said about ELANCE.

If you want to experiment with this on your own, I'd love to hear back about this bizarre phenomenon. Just mention the word ELANCE once or twice (or nine times) in your blog. How many minutes did it take? Did they leave a message or just read the post? How fun was it to mess with them?


Irreverent Freelancer said...

This is sooo funny and I so agree. There are far better ways Elance could be helping themselves and us service providers (their bread and butter). Half the time, I don't even wait for them to find my rants. I post on the Elance group list that I've written another complaint about them. The person who is visiting your site is probably Lorenzo, since he's the one who actually commented on my blog.

L. Shepherd said...

I've had someone named Cyndi comment before. So, now we know that there are in fact two or more people being employed in this way. What a great use of resources. And, how can I get a job reading blogs all day?