Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blogs and More Blogs

Holy crap, it's been quite a while since I updated Ye Olde Blogg. I hate to see the blog suffer from neglect since I'm quite fond of it. However, I have been having trouble with what I see as stilted writing. I was talking about it in my writing group just yesterday- I can see the way that other people seem to write effortlessly and my work just seems too stiff. This blog has gotten that way several times. The posts end up being informative and all of that, when that's not really my aim.

So, I admit it- I've been seeing other blogs. I keep up this one regularly because I use it in promotional activities for some other stuff that I do, and because I get paid to. I also recently started this one just to let off stream of consciousness stuff, most of which has ended up being about William Shatner for some reason. It's been a nice, freeing diversion because no one ever reads it, so I don't have to worry about what I'm posting. I'm also getting paid, but less since I'm not promoting it. I think this may be the first time I've ever linked to it. Bad blogger! Bad!

I started my professional writing career with four years of journalism school under intensive, often rude conditions with Ph.Ds breathing down my neck about every little misplaced comma or uninteresting lead. I think that years of that as well as years of work in print news have given me the ability to put out technically-correct work that's often bare and lifeless. I'm working on it. I'm always working on it.


Freelance Word Specialist said...

"So, I admit it- I've been seeing other blogs."

LOL! This actually rather funny, because you truly captured the guilt-like feeling I get when I pay more attention to one blog over another. I recently started a blog a little more close to the heart of my writing passion, but I often find myself pining away over my other blog that deals with horses.

Anyway, I just loved your comment, so I had to mention it.


"It's been a nice, freeing diversion because no one ever reads it, so I don't have to worry about what I'm posting."

I hope I didn't ruin this feeling for you. :-D

I actually happened across your blog, because I did a search on my own. (I was curious what terms were bringing it up on Google.)

Keep Writing,

L. Shepherd said...

That was kind of the phrase that I wrote the whole post around. I had that in my mind, that I was going to apologize for catting around with other interests and leaving the poor blog to fend for itself.

Uh oh, if people start reading that one I'll have to make it sound more professional or something. Eeek!

Catana said...

I can sympathize with you on the stiffness problem--and relate. I tend to be factual, concise--and dull. I'm gradually developing a less formal style. Just keep at it; it will come.

Tisha Younghusband said...

I'm a newbie in the world of blogs. and it's nice to be able to know things like this. Thanks for the great post. Since I am new, my posts are really formal, dull and yes - it makes me yawn at times...haha. I have been posting essays, poems and the like. I'm trying to improve my tone so that I can match those blogs that I enjoy reading.

Solomon said...

In fact past two weeks I've been reading this blog and plain lazy to comment.
I saw the line "It's been a nice, freeing diversion because no one ever reads it, so I don't have to worry about what I'm posting."

and want to tell you how we liked your blog.

It's full of so much good insights we are so grateful for.

So keep writing and we'll lap it up as soon as it is posted with glee!


L. Shepherd said...

Thanks, I appreciate hearing that!