Friday, June 15, 2012


I am working hard on a novel right now, not blogging much because any free time I have is being driven into the story. It's hard to think straight most days because I'm thinking of backstory or coming up with the next step in the plot. It's what I've always wanted to do, but time will tell whether it's worth it monetarily.

I wrestle a lot with whether to spend time on work that pays now or working on a novel that may pay in a year. When I work on paying work I think how it will pay the bills now, but if I spend too much time on it I'll spend the rest of my life doing content and PR work. It's a delicate lime to walk, and I'm not always convinced that I'm walking it the way I should.

I've been researching agents for a few months, and I have one picked out that I really, really want. I have to assume that she will reject me completely and I'll have to keep applying to agents to find one that will handle all of this. That seems to be what people do, and I'm certain that I'll be no different. Ick.

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