Sunday, August 13, 2017

What Can Writers Do to Fight Nazis?

Nazis are out there. I don't mean people who seem off or who say things that can be compared to Nazis. Actual. Nazis.

I couldn't sleep last night thinking about them being out there, not knowing how many of them are, not knowing where they are. They're all over.

Out and about yesterday, it struck me that POC can't know whether the people they come across are Nazis are not. Anyone they see could be one of these white nationalist, white supremacist, unapologetic Nazis. I literally wanted to hug every POC I saw and tell them I wasn't a Nazi. Thankfully, I restrained my weird self. But the thought was horrifying. That is no way for people to live in this country or any other.

Using Your Skills

I searched for things to do about this much of yesterday. What can everyday people even do about this? It isn't enough to send money to organizations who fight this. I don't have all that much money to send. I have a bunch of offspring and pets and teenagers eat so much it's seriously unreal. They NEVER stop eating. Hopefully the ACLU can buy some office supplies with what I sent.

But in reality, both sides have money. Both sides have resources and people and money and office supplies. It occurred to me that to really do something, people have to analyze their skills and figure out how they can apply them to fighting Nazis.

Unfortunately, I really have only two skills, if I'm being honest. I can write and I am good at staying organized. That's pretty much it. I kept thinking last night there was little that someone with those skills to really do anything.

But waking this morning, it occurred to me that writers can do what they've always done to fight wrongs. They can write. That's more powerful than sending money, and it has the power to reach further than attending a rally. That's what I have to bring to the table.

Days Off Are For the Weak

For many, many, many years I worked seven days a week. Hey, I love my job. And hey, I do have a bunch of offspring. But beginning this year, I decided to take Sundays off. Sundays have been for catching up on crap like laundry and organizing the offsprings' rooms. But starting today, I'll be taking on something else.

I'm starting a website to keep tabs on neo-Nazism. I've started the content today and am searching for a good domain name.  Sundays can be devoted to laundry and fighting Nazis.

It's what I can do.

Maybe it will go nowhere, and maybe it will change a mind or two. Hopefully, it will help a few people recognize this evil for what it is. If you're a writer, write about this scourge. Get your voice out there. It may make a difference for a few people. It may just put your thoughts out there amongst the other voices. Either way, it's better than doing little outside reading about the problem.

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