Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quick Blogging Job Available

I don't usually post freelance jobs, but this one I thought was pretty cool. is a site that is becoming known for its free blogs, kind of like Blogger. However, they are now hiring quite a few bloggers to write blogs on the topic of their choice. I haven't worked out just why yet- I think t may be to get the name out there in the public realm quicker than simply waiting for people to show up and start blogs. Anyway, the blogging positions are super easy and pay adequately for what they entail.

The application link is: They pay for one post a day, though you can write more than that if you like. The pay isn't fantastic, but the posts only have to be 150 words, so it's actually pretty lucrative given the time involved. I was hired the same day that I applied, so the 30-day warning is to be taken with a grain of salt.

The blogs use Wordpress, so it's pretty straightforward. Mine was up and running within a few minutes with no trouble at all. I'll add a link here to the blog whenever I get around to it.

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