Thursday, May 1, 2008

Guest Blogger Later This Month

I've never had a guest blogger before, but I now have one scheduled for May 23. The guest will be Paul Kilduff, a successful author of several thrillers. He now has a non-fiction humor book out, which the virtual tour is promoting. Here's a synopsis:

"Stung by a ten hour delay and a E300 fare to Spain on his native “low-fares” airline, Dubliner Paul Kilduff plots revenge – to fly to every country in Europe for the same total outlay, suffering every low-fares airline indignity. Armed with no more than 10kg of carry-on baggage, he endures 6.00am departures, Six Nations-style boarding scrums, lengthy bus excursions, terminal anxiety and cabin crew who deliver famed customer service."

I've actually been to Dublin, and I can imagine how bad it can get. Traveling can be complicated in Ireland, particularly if you're five months pregnant and you start crying once you realize that there's no food in Ireland besides roast beef and you hate roast beef. Um, not that I ever did that or anything. I'm sure they do have other food there. Don't they? Maybe that can be something Mr. Kilduff can answer.

Kidding, kidding. It looks like the topic will be transitioning from fiction to nonfiction. So many authors end up making that switch, it should be interesting to hear about how the two differ and whether the fiction-writing process influences the writing of nonfiction.

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