Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cool Writing Blogs

There are a number of writing blogs that I think are very good at what they do- inform and complain. Every blog should both inform and complain. Seriously. Think of your favorite blogs and I’m betting they do just that. In the freelance writing profession, information and complaints are particularly essential elements of the business.

Bad blogs beg you to read them. They constantly ask you to subscribe, to be a part of their community and to keep coming back. A bad blog tries to force a community and reads as extremely self conscious. A good blog tells you stuff and then complains for awhile.

Real Words

I like Real Words for several reasons. For one, it is never dull. There is always something interesting and surprising around the bend. Even the posts that have little to do with writing are always interesting and well written. I also like it because the blogger writes books about ghosts which is possibly the coolest thing a writer can do. Another reason may or may not be because the blogger put my blog at the top of a list of 40 inspiring writing blogs.

Web Writing Info

A master of both information and complaining effectively about freelance writing issues, the blogger is simply fabulous. Every post has an issue that is pressing in the freelance writing world, and of particular interest to the Web writing world. She also has an ebook there for beginning Web writers. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, so you should probably buy it.


This blog has always impressed me because the blogger isn’t afraid to get really in-depth and write long blog posts. Most bloggers tend to stick to the bite-size post nugget, but I do like reading long posts sometimes. It is mostly informational and with little or no complaining, but I like it anyway.

Writing Frump

The Frump is the all-time grand champion of the complaint. What’s more, she is a secret blogger- very cloak and dagger. I want to be a secret blogger, but every time I start a blog of my own I end up telling everyone about it. Ghostwritten blogs I can keep a secret, but never my own. Not the Frump! She’s still going strong.

Freelance Zone

I only recently discovered this one, but it immediately grabbed me. There is some very sage advice to be found there, and I was extremely impressed that Strunk and White’s “omit needless words” was mentioned. Yes, I did just use “very” and “extremely.” Anyone who can quote Strunk and White, Henry Rollins and Monty Python on the same blog has my immediate attention.

Bly Blog

If you’ve never heard of Bob Bly, you are probably not a fanatical freelance writer. That’s actually probably a good thing, but I digress. Bob Bly is the most famous copywriter in the freelancing world because of his decades of experience and his many helpful books on copywriting. I have two or three of his books, each of which has invaluable information about sales writing techniques and effective copywriting.

What I LOVE about his blog is that I always find punctuation errors. Always. In every post. The best copywriter out there isn’t perfect, and that’s a grand thing to see.

All of these blogs tend to be well written and cover topics in an interesting way instead of a tired rehashing of the same old writing and freelancing issues. Does that mean you should read these blogs instead of mine? Yeah, probably. But then of course, none of them brings you goodness like this:


Russell Cavanagh said...

Thanks L for a fabulous and (as usual with you) almost selfless blog post. The links are great and I look forward to further reading.
Not sure about the Patrick Stewart clip - but if you want to meet another incredibly handsome, bald Scotsman in real life ... you're very welcome in Sheffield any time!

L. Shepherd said...

There definitely is something about Scotsmen...

Russell Cavanagh said...

By the way L ... you might be interested in my brand new website I'm using as a marketing tool. I'll figure out how to drive web traffic to it some time soon though it's a useful addition on my business card and marketing leaflets ...

Hope you find it interesting (it also shows a good use for Triond beyond the fabulous money they pay!).

All the very best.


L. Shepherd said...

Ah, I do recognize the fancy web design that Triond puts into their sites. That is a good idea about using them for samples.

I didn't know that you guys have a mortgage crisis going on as well. I guess things are rough everywhere right now.

Russell Cavanagh said...

Yup ... recession is looming here and the politicians are helpless.

L. Shepherd said...

We're in full-blown recession, but I think there are a few things our politicians could have done about it. Unfortunately they are too apathetic to do so.

Courtney - Web Writing said...

Thank you for the link and the links to other writing blogs! :) I agree - informing and complaining are keys to freelance survival. :)