Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Website Design

Me: Ok, so I need this website to do a lot more than it did before, and not be lavender. I'm rebranding and I want to start completely from scratch.

Engineer: Fine. What should it look like?

Me: I just want it to look like it wasn't made with one of the free templates that comes with website hosting.

Engineer: Um, ok. So what should the design be about?

Me: It should have none of those smiley people at the top that way too many sites have. I hate those people.

Engineer: Ok, so not look like a free template and no smiley people.

Me: Right. And no lavender, even if lavender is pleasant and restful. And it should have a lot of pages.

Engineer: How many pages exactly?

Me: Well, it needs a lot of pages because I have a bunch of stuff that I want to put on it.

Engineer: Yeah. Um, maybe you could look through some templates?

So, the website is taking a little longer than I had hoped. The engineer that I have on it is a consultant and kind of ran screaming from the fire that is my idea of website design. I decided to just use any template that didn't have those smiley people. I finally found one and put it up to see how it would look, and it's really pretty horrible. Then spouse wanted to tinker with it because after days of trying out this and that I pretty much have an ugly template that I hate and some vague ideas of how many pages it will actually have. This could take awhile.

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