Friday, May 28, 2010

Business Name

I need to come up with a business name, and I am seriously drawing a blank. I need suggestions from the Interwebs like nobody's business. This is all I've been able to come up with:

Writing Company
Company That Writes Stuff
Stuff-Writing Company
Business That Creates Words for Stuff

I just can't come up with a thing. And I've been drinking rum for the past two hours, so that might be a factor? Anyone who has suggestions, please chime in. The business will write stuff for people who need stuff written, take care of corporate communications, write press releases and create media kits. So I should be called...?


After making lists and staring at names and even having a dream about them, it came down to Content Summoner (thanks, spouse), Content Creations (thanks, Russell), It Came From the Sky (thanks, Schrode) and the name of the used book store I used to own, Waxing Moon. I finally decided that having the word "content" in the name might limit to too much, since copyediting and PR will be a big part of the restructure. And as much as I like It Came From the Sky, it's kind of long and doesn't describe any of the actual services. I have finally decided on Waxing Moon Marketing. It's not too descriptive, but it's short and easy to remember and the word "marketing" encompasses all of the tasks that I offer.

While I REALLY want the tagline "When you don't want your website to suck," it has been pointed out to me (a few times) that if I'm going after larger businesses, that isn't the best avenue to go down. I still think that a company without a sense of humor isn't necessarily one that I want, but I am trying to change things, so I'll go with a more descriptive tagline. It's just a simple "Content, Copywriting and PR."

So, now I need a logo. I'm really going to try not to get carried away.


Russell said...

Content Communications
"Keeping your public happy"

... ???

Ruth Zachary said...

The term writestuff is already being used.... I have a blog about writing for writers, called
There are others using writestuff, as well, many since I used it.
My advice is to pick a unique name that identifies what your blog is about with one or two words, so as to be found easily by your target reader audience. Ruth


Russ said...

Words On A Page?