Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Donations- Want an Ebook?

If you read The Bloggess, pretty much the best blog ever, you may have seen her amazing Christmas donation thing going on. She committed to giving out Amazon gift certificates to people who simply said they needed them. That has blown up into a snowballing network of people who are donating gift cards to people who have asked for them on her blog. Today that has apparently snowballed into other blogs where people are doing Bloggess-inspired giveaways. My funds are pretty well allocated for the next few weeks, so I've been trying to figure out what to donate. It occurred to me this morning that I could donate emailed copies of my ebook about how to sell on eBay.

This isn't really as stupid as it sounds. I sell the ebook for about 10 bucks through my own website and I believe it costs a little more than that on Lulu. I've heard from many buyers that it has been quite helpful to them in starting an eBay business. It's also specifically written for people who have very little money up front to get their business going. If you want a copy, just contact me through here however you do that and I will email it to you. It may not be a gift that you can buy presents with, but it is something that can give you hope for creating a better new year. That hope may be just what you need to get through the holidays.


Russell said...

Happy Xmas and 2011 when they come LS.

My best - from a frozen Sheffield, UK.


L. Shepherd said...

Heard it's pretty cold over there. It's 55 here today, so it doesn't feel very Christmasy yet. Merry Xmas!

Russell said...

I've got a few Star Trek box sets of DVDs in to watch over the festive lull. Woohoo! 8¬D

L. Shepherd said...

TNG? That could last you for awhile. Sounds like a great Christmas to me.