Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Tale of the Christmas Tree Massacre

As expected, Kirk looked great in a tree

But who, I did ask, will represent TNG?

Picard is a safe bet, but seems to lack luster

Riker instead is the one to pass muster

The Riker ornament came, but its weight brought surprise

How could the uniform hide so much heft for his size?

I hung it carefully on a tree slightly weird

Believing it was a safe home for his beard

As Kirk looked on, Riker weighed down the fir

His weight pulling it down in a deafening blur

Broken glass covered the floor, with Riker to blame

My opinion of him will never be the same


Russell (for it is he) said...

Never been the same since he put his arm around you, huh?


L. Shepherd said...

I think it changed both of our lives.

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