Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bind Your Own Books

If you've ever had the urge to publish or print your own books, you may have noticed how outrageous the cost of a vanity publisher is. The alternative is to find a way to print the things up yourself.

Coverbind is a company that has sold small, personal binding machines for the last 20 years. The binding machines can be used for small books, reports, photograph albums and anything else you need to give off a professional image. The books and reports aren't just stapled together or glued in place- they're really bound. The binding machines range from the small personal model to the larger, commercial version of the binder. Any of them will create a professional-looking result.

The binders are often used to bind a professional portfolio, such as writing clips or photography samples. If you’re familiar with how much professional photography supplies cost, a binder might be the least expensive thing in your studio.

Binders are a useful thing to happen in small businesses, as well. With an in-house binding machine, no employee has to take off an hour to run to Kinko’s. Every employee can bind their reports and meeting minutes. The result is an office that runs smoothly with less time wasted.

For writers, the possibilities of a personal binder are intriguing. You can bind up copies of a small book to use as a sample, or bind up many copies and hawk them to a bookseller. You might also use the binder to make a manuscript or book proposal more professional looking. Having a bound copy of a manuscript to send to an agent is a good way to set a manuscript apart from the slush pile. So, if you’re interested in seeing what these binders can do, take a look at This is a sponsored post.


Anonymous said...

The Coverbind system is nice but I think the system from Binding Systems of America is excellent. They offer both soft and hard cover and they work great. I never have any trouble with the first or last sheet not binding in. It is perfect for the high volume insurance industry and CPA's.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the system from BSA rocks. Easy to use and the cover selection is awesome!