Sunday, January 13, 2008

Um, Elance? Breathe.

Elance has visited this lil' blog no less than 11 times today. I'm not quite sure what to make of that one. That's pageviews also, so it may be less than 11 times that the site was brought up from scratch. But, several of those times were 20 minutes or more apart, and looking at the same page, so it may have been several different people. I just have to wonder what they're saying. They must bring up The Writer's Journey, close it out and then call a friend to come and look at it.

"Hey! Marge! Someone mentioned Elance on a blog! Can you believe it? What the heck? They actually mentioned us!"

Then of course, they close it out, but Bill walks in, and they know Bill wouldn't want to miss this. They bring it back up to let Bill share in the excitement.

"We've got one, Bill! Someone mentioned us! Do a screen capture! Get the camera out and take a picture! Can we get stationary printed up to mark the occasion? Check petty cash!"

Then of course Lillian walks in, and they have to repeat it for her. By this time, they've decided to celebrate with some champagne. A little bit tipsy, the Elance employees decide to re-read some of my old posts, all of which mention Elance. They laugh, they love, they drink some more. Good times, folks. Good times.

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