Monday, January 7, 2008

Pay Per Play Ads

Most webmasters have tried AdSense and other passive ad methods on their sites. The problem with a lot of those is that the ads are strictly PPC- you don’t get paid unless someone clicks on the ads. But, there’s a new way to sponsor your site that pays every time someone is exposed to the ad. They don’t have to click anything and you don’t even have to take up space on your site with the ad.

Pay Per Play Online Audio Ads put a 5-second ad on your site. Five seconds isn’t long enough to be obtrusive, but it is long enough for your advertisers to get the word out. There are 66,000 Pay Per Play advertisers just waiting to get their short message on your site- and pay you for every listen. This is a sponsored post.

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Yourpayperplay said...

Pay Per Play Audio Ads -

Pay Per Play is the hottest topic of conversation with website owners right now. It is being recognized by expert marketers as the next big advertising medium of the internet. Pay Per Play is something that has been around for a few years, but is really just coming into it’s own.
The possibilities with this are huge! If you have 500 visitors a month and receive a .25 cent commission for each of the visitors, that’s $125 a month for no extra work on your part. There is no limit to the number of websites you can place this code on, so if you have multiple websites your income goes up even more.
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