Monday, May 12, 2008

Freelance Writing Roundup

It's been a wild week in my own little freelancing land. I got the Suite101 promotion a week ago and today got an Editor's Choice Award for an article that I wrote over the weekend. I had planned it as part of a three-part series on libel law. I can't imagine where the time will come from to write the other two parts, but here's hoping. The award, by the way, is a check mark that sits next to the title. Oh well, I do appreciate it. (I would also appreciate cash.)

I also got a new little frenemy to help out around the computer. I sent off for a tiny timer that I could set for the specific amount of time that I think an article should take. Then, I can frantically stare at it as the minutes wind down and I'm only halfway through. Hoorah! One of the best parts of the evil, pressure-inducing Timer From Hell is that it keeps me on track (and angry). It also came with the following instructions:

Widely use in Entertainment, Examination, Beauty House, Kitchen, Sunbathing...etc. Big Screen to show the correct time in Minutes & Seconds.

Yup, it was a cheapie from China. The interesting part, though, dear friends, is that it was actually a lot easier for me to send off to China for some Chinese merchant to package up a timer and send it across the ocean via Air Mail to my house than it would have been for me to get in the car and go to Target. Modern life is weird.

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