Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It Pays to Write for TV

Weren't TV writers just striking to get more money? It seems like those poor souls were being shafted from increasing their meager earnings. It's enough to make you cry. Well, until you read this. Did you read it? You probably shouldn't have. This guy, creator of some of the worst shows in the history of bad shows, is making an insane amount of money for it. And not just insane- crazy, ridiculous, howling-at-the-moon kind of money.

I don't mind Family Guy that much, but have you seen American Dad? Come on. I could take off my socks, put them on my hands and do a puppet show with them and it would be more interesting than American Dad. This is the unholy crap that's making money right now while my unique, creative (yes, I'm biased) children's book can't get an agent to represent it. Maybe I should add in an unfunny alien and wooden characters who stand still and yell for half an hour? For $100 million, I might be willing. Well, maybe not.

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