Sunday, May 18, 2008

StumbleUpon Brings Amazing Traffic

I check my stats a couple of times a day. They're always kind of sad, but hey- people are actually looking at the stuff I write so I can't really complain. Today, by the time I woke up, 135 people had looked at one of my sites. That particular site is not one that I market or really promote in any way and gets very little traffic. I mainly keep it to amuse myself. So how did it get so many hits in one morning? Well, you read the title, so you probably already know.

I checked the stumble through the url on my statcounter, wondering how many stumbles it had. It had just one stumble. One! That's pretty powerful social bookmarking. Reddit and the like have never done much for me, but Stumbleupon seems like it's actually worth the time. If the site had three or four stumbles, imagine that traffic that would be coming in.

Unfortunately, to sign up to stumble sites you have to download all kinds of stuff from the site. I'm not willing to do that and I don't think they should ask that of people. They should not be getting control of my computer just so that I can recommend sites. Bravo to those brave enough, though. It seems like a great traffic mover.

I don't usually admit that I write this site, and I might take this paragraph out of here once I come to my senses, but here's the one that was stumbled. It has a great review on stumbleupon, which made me smile. Yeah, it's kind of a mean site, but I mean every word of it.

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